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physical activity - time to take it seriously and regularly

Measure for personalized coaching

Measuring health & wellness in real-time with affordable health sensors and engaging users with our health index, gamification and personal data-driven feedback.

Vitabit Tracker

Health sensors

Start tracking your behavior by using one of our health-sensors. Which offer a range of possibilities, from detecting sitting to detecting various amounts of physical activities. We also connect with third party providers.

  • Unique sit/stand detection algorithm
  • Compact & robust design
  • Dust and water proof (IP68)
  • Quick deployment (high volume)
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browser-based portal and smartphone apps

Coaching portal

Data gathered by our health sensors gives coaches new opportunities, this in combination with the browser-based Coaching Portal we can start improving on vitality together.

  • Gain insights, set goals and compare
  • Working together in groups / user management
  • Set user specific notifications
  • Enterprise ready, start in 5 minutes
  • True SaaS, low cost of ownership / scalable
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browser-based portal and smartphone apps

User engagement

The Smartphone App offers you quick insights into your sitting / standing / walking activities. We designed this App completely user centric to let you benefit most.

  • iOS 7.1 and above
  • Android 4.3 and above
  • Simple 7-day progress view
  • User centric app
browser-based portal and smartphone apps

Data analytics

Combining different data-streams, making use of data-driven services or get additional analytics options our data processing unit is completely scalable and in the cloud.

  • Proven analytics available
  • Export ( anonymized for non-coaching purposes )

Applications of VitaBit

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