Coaching portal

Start improve your active working style together with a coach

A e-coach for everyone.

Users and their coach work together to create a program based on realtime data, all tooling is available to create an modern digital intervention with the VitaBit coaching portal.

Create your own intervention

The VitaBit portal allows users & coaches to create their own intervention program by using the widget. Every widget type represents a part of your intervention.

  • Digital intervention program
  • Data-driven coaching
  • Insights, set goals and compare
  • Stand-up reminders
  • Group tournaments

Change sedentary behavior

Change behavior is damn hard, users will need to get motivated. Especially because changing sedentary behavior is a long-term goal. VitaBit give the coach all the tools needed to full fill this role.

  • VitaBit Score
  • Control users' dashboard
  • Individualized e-coaching

Work together

User-engagement is a big focus of VitaBit, working together to achieve goals is an important aspect to achieve this. A small competition amongst users in the same environment will thrive them to better results.

  • Customers branding
  • Working together in groups
  • User invitation system
  • Users' Privacy garanteed

Data-driven decision making

Coaches can export the data to dig deeper into the data or use this to improve their own product / service / intervention program.

  • Pre-configured analytics
  • Anonymized for non-coaching purposes
  • User own BI-tooling
  • Export to Excel
  • API available
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