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VitaBit Software International B.V.
Weidehek 123c
4824 AT Breda
The Netherlands

+31 418 841 726

VAT: NL853422448B01
ID: KvK nr. 59324015


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The team

With fifteen experts and a very large international network of specialists, we develop corporate health and vitality software solutions since 2011. Software we have developed is used every day by more than 500,000 professionals in more than 100 organisations in various markets around the world.

We have developed expertise to help organizations visualize corporate wellness. This will help to improve the health & vitality and proficiency of computer users and consequently the performance of the workforce and the organizations in which they work. We are headquartered in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Alex -- Bin -- Daniel -- Davy -- Eric -- Gigi -- Gloria -- Hugh -- Jason -- Jurgen -- Nathalie -- Patrick -- Rodulf -- Vera

Our mission

VitaBit is a unique wellness tool that aims to help employers reduce their employees’ sedentary behavior through enjoyable, entertaining promotion of self control and self-awareness with state of art technology. VitaBit helps employers to make Vitality a part of an integral sustainable employability policy and a business value of strategic importance.

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