Increase physical activity in the workplace

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Professionals using VitaBit

Vitality coach

A vitality coach is a professional who has trained and worked in health/nutrition and fitness environments and now supports individuals, groups and teams by providing one-to-one guidance sessions.

Ergonomics specialist

Experts at applying their knowledge of musculoskeletal function and how humans interact with their environment to make the workplace safer and more efficient.

How can we help?

Start tracking sitting and standing behavior

With VitaBit’s user centric app and personalized dashboard, users can work together. Set up tournaments for user groups because improving vitality is also a team effort. We show you the necessary steps to accomplish a task and answer “How to...” questions with our great end-user support.

Use VitaBit as a coaching assistant

Invite users into a branded environment and keep in control by helping users manage their sedentary data. The VitaBit personalized dashboard comes with a set of great intervention tools that give insights in users sedentary habbits. Users can achieve goals together and compare their data with all users in the group. VitaBit can even give users an unique VitaBit Sedentary Behavior Score.

Intervention tools
VitaBit Sedentary Behavior Score
VitaBit Score
User management and control group
User management
and group control
Branded environment

Collect and export data analytics

As a feature of Data Export, we provide a connection via a secure API to download data. Use your own Business intelligence tools (BI tools) to monitor data and generate insights.

Connection via a secure API
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